Besides receiving a handful of free games per month and access to multiplayer, the main appeal of owning a subscription service is to benefit from a few discounts. Each week, Microsoft and Sony offer sales covering from the biggest AAA titles to the smallest indie games. With multiple huge releases per week, these price cuts allow players to try something which might not have been worth the full $60.

Let us take a look at which titles are on sale for this week. These deals will only last until October 3rd, 2017.

Big budget franchises

Quite a few impressive titles are included, with the latest releases in some of the biggest series receiving a decent discount.

The "Call of Duty" franchise is on sale, with five different games in the series included. "Advanced Warfare" and "Ghosts" are the cheapest, unsurprisingly, with both receiving a 67% price cut.

Probably the most sought-after game, "Modern Warfare Remastered" is only reduced by 20% despite being available for more than a year. Activision only made it possible to purchase the updated version of the popular FPS without "Infinite Warfare" recently, so it seems they are treating it like a new game.

"Mafia III" is on sale, with each version being discounted by 40%. Although not the best-reviewed title in the series, with some lamenting the decision to go full open-world, there is still a decent storyline to be had here.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" continues to receive one discount after another, this time reduced to half price. EA made a ton of cash with the launch of "Andromeda," but the negative word of mouth killed any hype associated with the RPG. There is really no point in purchasing the "Deluxe Edition."

"Need for Speed," the 2016 reboot of the racing series, is also on sale with a 60% discount.

Receiving mixed reviews, the reboot failed to bring the franchise back to its glory days.

'Rocket League'

A tone of "Rocket League" merchandise is on sale, with packs and DLC cars available to purchase with a 40% discount. The highly popular racing/soccer hybrid is still a worthwhile game and one with an established fanbase.

While these type of multiplayer titles do not always take off, "Rocket League" has blown away expectations. The base game is also available to purchase with the same discount.

Other notable games include "Titanfall 2," "Transformers: Devastation," "Deadpool," and "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2." There is also "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5," but it is better to ignore it.