Resident Evil Revelations” were previously released on other consoles, but they’ll be arriving on the Nintendo Switch later this year. Both horror games have some new Switch exclusive features and will run smoothly on the system. That said, Capcom recently dropped two new trailers at the Tokyo Game Show 2017, showcasing how both horror titles look on the hybrid console.

The first nightmare

The overview trailer for the first “Resident Evil Revelations” features several iconic scenes from the game, according to Twinfinite. We can see Jill and several other characters exploring the Queen Zenobia ship while fending off against bio-organic weapons.

The short clip also shows off some of the DLC that will be included in the game, like Rachel Ooze.

The first game stars fan-favorite protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield who must stop another criminal organization from releasing a bioterrorist attack in the ocean. Despite being a spinoff series, the game also references other entries in the mainline series. For instance, they introduced a new bioterrorist attack called the Terragrigia Panic which is a nod to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. There are also several new characters, like Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat, who help Chris and Jill in their respective campaigns.

Stranded on an island

The second “Resident Evil Revelations” game also has a new overview trailer.

Here, Claire Redfield and Barry Burton return to take on a new bioterrorist attack. Unlike the first game, Barry and Claire have their own campaigns with different stories that tie in with the overarching plot. For Claire, she and Barry’s daughter, Moira, were kidnapped and sent to a stranded island to take part in a sick and twisted game.

Barry’s campaign takes place six months later as he travels to the location to find his daughter. There, he stumbles across a lone girl named Natalia Korda who possess some strange powers. The two then work together with the hopes of finding Moira alive.

Both games will support Joy-Con motion controls and HD Rumble. If you’re looking to buy both games, you can buy the “RE: Revelations Collection.” However, take note that only the first game comes in a cartridge, while the second title comes as a downloadable voucher.

You can also "choose to buy each game separately once they launch" digitally in the Nintendo eShop, Twinfinite reports. “Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2” will support online and local multiplayer, making it easier to play with friends. You can buy the games when they launch this Nov. 28 for the Nintendo Switch in North America.