Capcom made it known that its survival horror video game, “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” will receive two new downloadable contents (DLC). The upcoming DLCs will be included in the game’s Gold Edition and will arrive on December 12.

The new DLCs of the video game are dubbed the ‘Not A Hero’ and the ‘End of Zoe.’ The video game company will launch the ‘Not A Hero’ DLC for free, while the ‘End of Zoe’ DLC will be available for $14.99, according to Segment Next. Fortunately, season pass holders of the “Resident Evil 7” can avail the Zoe DLC for free.

However, enthusiasts expected the video game company to roll out the ‘Not A Hero’ DLC in spring 2017. But, the studio declared back in April that the DLC had to be delayed for the reason that it was not good enough at that time.

It turns out that the official release date of the ‘Not A Hero’ DLC is far off from its expected spring 2017 launch. In spite of that, “Resident Evil 7” enthusiasts now have a specific date to wait for it.

Downloadable content to feature Chris Redfield

The ‘Not a Hero’ DLC will feature one of the main protagonists in Capcom's Resident Evil game series, Chris Redfield. This DLC features Redfield’s new threat and might allow the character to find an answer to the new outbreak’s mystery.

Zoe to use a number of weapons

Meanwhile, the ‘End of Zoe’ DLC will come along with new adversaries at the Baker compound. The DLC will also feature new location in the middle of a swamp-filled area, according to Polygon. This DLC’s title suggests that it might end the story of the Caucasian/American character, Zoe. ‘End of Zoe’ DLC might also feature the supporting character of “Resident Evil 7” to utilize a number of weapons.

Fans of the video game are speculating that the 'End of Zoe' DLC might showcase the events before the genetically-modified human (Eveline) captured the main protagonist of the survival horror video game Ethan Winters. Wherein, the DLC could emphasize Zoe’s survival challenges in Biohazard’s superb ending.

Nevertheless, the upcoming DLCs of the video game will join other DLC packs that the video game company released since the title launched last year.

The new DLCs could be as amazing as the previous DLCs, such as the Daughters DLC that showcased how the genetically-modified human transformed the Baker family into monsters.

Capcom stated that the forthcoming DLCs can also be played on Sony’ PlayStation VR.