A lot has been lined up for "Pokemon GO" as of late with the announcement of the AR title's upcoming Safari Zone event in Europe and the looming EX Raids. However, quite a number of players have growing concerns about a new Bug that has been plaguing the game's new Legendary Raids.

A bug that needs some squashing

The game breaking glitch came alongside the recent update as irksome visuals characterize it. It is said that a huge portion of the bug consists of 3D assets not loading properly together with some really serious ones.

The serious part of the new glitch is that some trainers were barred from entering the Legendary Raids.

It begins with "Pokemon GO" failing to load its 3D assets and will be followed by lags by the time players enter a raid battle. It was also observed that trainers who got affected by this were the ones who tried to battle Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.

Niantic, on the other hand, addressed the issue stating that they are currently devising a fix to resolve the problem finally. It's also worth noting that the developer already rolled out passes for the EX and Mewtwo raids that are about to drop today, September 7.

EX Raid pass roll out

Meanwhile, it is said that Niantic has setup three EX Raid test run locations and these are laid near the game maker's headquarters in Seattle, San Francisco, and one in Japan.

A Redditor (broseph23) posted an image of an EX Raid pass that he received over on The Silphroad subreddit. Per the pass, it indicated the date, time, and the location of the raid event. There's even a link leading to Google Maps to provide directions on how to get there.

Battling Mewtwo

Trainers also noticed Mewtwo's base capture rate within the game.

This indicates that the psychic type Pokemon is game bound, though some players believe that it might drop alongside the EX Raids beta test.

Mewtwo counters will be relying on the legendary's charge move. Ideally, the best Pokemon to counter Mewtwo would be Tyrannitar with its Bite, Stone Edge, or Crunch. However, if the Mewtwo is equipped with Focus Blast, that counter will be knocked out with a single hit.

That being said, players can use bug type Pokemon like Scizor and Pinsir with the bug move sets. High DPS (damage per second) monsters like Dragonite can also stand a chance against Mewtwo. The ghost type Gengar is also a good counter for a Focus Blast equipped Mewtwo. However, players should be wary of the legendary's psychic moves.

Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" below: