After months of being silent, Capcom's survival horror sequel - "Resident Evil 7" - has been announced to be getting fresh contents through its Gold Edition. It will also usher in the return of a couple of its characters that still has some unfinished businesses to settle inside the Baker Estate.

The definitive edition

Capcom recently took to Twitter and YouTube to reveal "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's" Gold Edition. The upcoming variant of the game will contain some previously released segments ("Banned Footages vol. 1 and 2") alongside its main game.

It will also include a free downloadable content featuring one of the "RE" veterans Chris Redfield dubbed "Not A Hero." Another game expansion - "End of Zoe" - will feature the events as to what happened with that Baker family member.

From the looks of it, the "End of Zoe " add-on is likely to be set outdoors as players are bound to "face-off new enemies and explore new swamp-filled areas." Capcom also made it clear that the DLC's events will take place right after "RE7" and not after "Not A Hero."

Zoe's fate now an expansion

After it got announced, fan theories have been making rounds online regarding the fate of Zoe.

Looking closely to some scenes from the recently released teaser trailer, it seems like the character is about to turn into something. There are even speculations that the expansion might feature two scenarios where she was saved by Ethan while she was deserted in the other. The plots are quite plausible, though these should be taken with pinches of salt.

Residents on Switch

Meanwhile, Capcom also announced that the Nintendo Switch will be getting two "RE" titles dubbed "Resident Evil: Revelations." Originally released in 2012, the game's physical copy will arrive on Switch as a bundled title and this will be the first time that its sequel will be played on a Nintendo console.

However, it was noted that "Revelations 2" will not be included on the cartridge. Instead, a download code for the sequel will be made available within the bundle.

"Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" Gold Edition will be out on December 12. The price tag for the game's definitive version was not disclosed. However, it is said that the Zoe DLC will be at $15. Meanwhile, "RE: Revelations" will be out on November 28 for $40. Switch players can also check the Eshop as both of the games are available for $20 apiece. Check out a video about the game here: