Several days ago, Bluehole rolled out the September Update for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” The most recent update introduces a new weapon to the battle royale title. It also features a new foggy weather systemm along with a plethora of improvements in the UI and gameplay.

Recently, more interesting details were discovered revealing upcoming additions to the game. These details are not written in the patchnotes, but are uncovered through datamining activities. One of the discoveries includes the layout and other details of the heavily speculated desert map.

The layout was well-received by fans that are still elated to see the names of the places revealed in the map.

Latest data mined layout

On Reddit, a user named bizzfarts shared what appears to be an image that shows the full layout of the upcoming desert map in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” The latest find has been uncovered through a test server datamine. The image shows interesting names for cities and towns. Some parts of the map have labels such as Murderland, Mishap, Kill Box, and Wasteland.

The outer parts of the layout have names like Punishment, Bareback, and Zombie. There is also a Prison label located in the lowest left part of the map. Fans can also see names like Crackback, Desolation, Dirtbag, and Strangle.

While these names are most likely placeholders, they, in a way, projects a particular mental image.

There are also a couple of craters in the layout, while there is no indication of any presence of water. Most likely, to give the players an authentic desert feel, the developer did not include any water element. The place labeled as Hard Luck appears to be the largest spot on the map with a dense urban area.

New desert map details

During the Gamescom 2017 in August, Brendan Greene announced that there are two maps in the development. One is the desert map and the other is based on the Adriatic Sea, which will feature snowfall and an abandoned cosmodrome.

In August, the game’s official Twitter account teased an image of one of the cities on the desert map.

In his interview last month with Eurogamer, the game creator confirmed that the upcoming desert map will be 8x8 km in size. This means that it is equal to the size of the original map in the game. The game developer has not yet provided a definite release window for the highly anticipated map in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Greene said that the desert map is still many months away.