While the hype train of "Pokemon GO" keeps on chugging with the recent release of its K9 legendaries, the player base is still irked with the game's catch system. Niantic has acknowledged the bug as they have posted it on their website.

The ongoing curveball problem

According to the post on "Pokemon GO's" website, some of the curveball bonuses that were supposed to be awarded to players were not given at all making players quite concerned. Trainers also noticed that the curveball needs to cross the middle of the device's display for it to be counted.

Regular throws were also observed to register as curved throws provided that they cross that part of the screen.

Niantic may have noticed the influx of complaints among its faithful as they posted on the game's website that they are fully aware of the ongoing bug. As of September 1, the issue still persists as the status of the new glitch is still under investigation.

For the uninitiated, throwing curveballs is pretty much essential in catching monsters in "Pokemon GO." Players have a higher chance of catching a Pokemon as it is increased by 1.7x. It can be recalled that Niantic has recently fixed the so-called "last ball bug" where Raid Bosses always escape the last Premiere Pokeball. However, this curveball bug might take some time before a workaround is devised as this has been going on for months now.

Rumored bird sightings

Meanwhile, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune will be roaming the globe this month as they are the new set of legendaries to have graced Niantic's AR title. However, there are some trainers claiming that they are still seeing the avian powerhouses Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Revamped Raid Battles

Alongside the release of these powerful canines is the EX Raid Battles which is an overhauled iteration of the game's Exclusive Raid Battles.

The game developer also announced that they will be conducting a so-called field test for this feature and has asked their players to participate in this upcoming trial Run.

However, it will be a per invite affair as they will be sending out EX Raid Passes to players who have previously participated in a Raid Battle and they will be given the chance to give feedback or suggestions regarding the feature.

It was also pointed out that the developer will be making some tweaks during the EX Raid Battle test run as they aim to make it engaging and fun for their fandom. The passes are expected to arrive on September 6. Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" here: