"Pokemon Go" players are getting ready to capture the Legendary Pokemon from Niantic, something that is not expected to be easy. Thanks to the latest update in the game files, it looks like snagging at least one of them will need a huge stroke of luck.

According to Comicbook.com, the latest update to the game’s game-master file reveals how capture rates have been altered. This will include legendaries such as Suicune, Entei, and Raikou who all have a base capture rate of 2 percent. With those numbers, augmented reality gamers will be lucky to get all of them.

Harder to find and capture

The base capture rate determines how easy it will be for a player to catch a Pokemon. Bonuses in the form of the curveballs, fruits and good throws will increase the chances. Players can get up to an additional 16-percent chance of capturing these rares – still far off and likely to require multiple tries with the same level of accuracy.

Take note that this covers the part when a player actually finds the legendary Pokemon. Hunting them down is not included so one can imagine the frustration one would have before actually succeeding.

The good news is that chances are (slightly) better for other rares. For example, pocket monsters like Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos are a tad higher at 3 percent.

Ironically, these rares had a 2 percent base capture rate before the tweaks were made since they were available only for a week. Another rare, Lugia, remained at 2 percent mainly because it was available for over a month.

Catch them before it is too late

As one can see, the base capture rates of the "Pokemon Go" Legendaries somehow indicates how long they could be around.

At 2 percent, the good news is that they should be available globally for about a month.

The best thing for players still in the game to do is to get a move on. It would be wise to stock up on PokeBalls and Berries, not to mention practicing throws on common pocket monsters. Rather than waste Premiere balls, using the less powerful balls (i.e.

standard and great types) is recommended. It also helps unload excess inventory and make room for other goodies from “Pokemon Go” gym visits.

The Legendary Pokemon has started to sprout worldwide, keeping hooked “Pokemon Go” players busy. Niantic has successfully managed the hit mobile gaming app to this day despite being far from perfect.

Glitches are still around though patches have been rolled out occasionally. For the sake of gamers on the verge of capturing a rare Pokemon, here’s hoping no bugs stand in the way of a great capture.