Game company Sony recently revealed their lineup for Playstation Picks sale. These are some of the favorite games that the people from the company love.

Sony gives love back to their fans

Sony Interactive Entertainment has compiled some of their favorite video games on all three consoles. They also worked with the game publishers to give back to their PlayStation fans. This new flash sale is called the PlayStation Picks and these titles have big discounts on different PlayStation consoles.

What discounts to expect

Sony fans can expect a large amount of PlayStation 4 titles discounted up to 50 percent.

These titles are from the most successful franchises of all time and there are also some popular indie games as well. The best part is that PlayStation Plus members will get a better deal, which is a discount of up to 60 percent.

The game company wants their fans to choose and purchase the discounted games before the deadline. The PlayStation Picks Sale will end on Sept. 19.

PS4 video games discounted

Sony discounted a lot of PS4 video games with the PlayStation Picks Sale for this week. First person stealth game “Dishonored 2” is one of the video games to pick from the list with a $29.99 discounted price and $27.99 for the PlayStation Plus members. It originally had a full price of $39.99.

Another game title with a big discount is “Grand Theft Auto V” with a discounted price tag of $35.99 and an exclusive PlayStation Plus price of $29.99.

Fans of the franchise can also get the “GTA V” and “GTA: San Andreas” bundle for only $44.99 and an exclusive PlayStation Plus price of $37.49 only.

Another popular video game with a good discount is “Nier: Automata" with a discounted price of $41.99. PlayStation Plus members can enjoy an exclusive discounted price of $38.99.

PS3 game titles with discounts

PlayStation 3 games also got discounts, but only a few titles. For those who want to play “Devil May Cry” in HD version, they can get it for $6.99 only and $4.99 for PlayStation Plus members. A complete season of “Life is Strange” is also available for only $6.99 and a PS Plus discounted price of $4.99.

PS Vita discounted games

The last on the list are PlayStation Vita titles with a few notable games. One of those is “Dragon Quest Builders,” which can be bought for only $23.99. It can also be bought for only $19.99 if you are a PS Plus member.

Check out the "NieR: Automata's" gameplay trailer here: