As Sony considers offering a new football game for the PlayStation 4, the company released a new update for the gaming system, 4.74. The latest update provides few obvious enhancements for gamers. Players should still consider the latest update as they are often provided to fix any security bug fixes in the firmware. The PlayStation store released the latest games for the month of September, and some of the games players can download and play are also free. This includes many of the classic games that players recognize and love. Gamers may also expect to find other games within the store available at substantial discounts.

Latest update to PlayStation 4 firmware

Gamespot reported that although Sony released its latest update for the PlayStation 4 firmware, there aren't any substantial differences from the previous version. The 340 MB update contains no new user-facing updates. Information on the update is vague, and it is said to simply improve system performance. Some users who have upgraded said they had problems with the system crashing while playing "Destiny 2" on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. In August, Sony promised a new update, 5.0 that will provide a higher quality streaming on the PS4 Pro.

'Destiny 2' bundle now available

Polygon reported that a new "Destiny 2" bundle was available for the PS4 Pro and Newegg offered a flash sale.

Gamers can expect some really good deals in the store too. Although "Destiny 2" doesn't offer many hardware deals this week, gamers can expect substantial discounts on some titles including "Injustice 2," "Mass Effect Andromeda," and "Dead by Daylight" as well as others. Newegg was offering a 40 percent discount on select titles.

Players can expect a deal on the PlayStation 4 Pro Destiny 2 1TB Console bundle through Amazon, and deals on accessories like headphones are also available. The "Destiny 2: Prima Collector's Edition Guide," a hardcover guide that is available for $16 off. For players looking for a new RPG, "Secrets of Mana" is available.

Press Start said that the PlayStation store was offering substantial discounts on many titles this weekend.

The games will be available at the discounted price until Tuesday, and discounts range from 40 to 60 percent off. Titles players may want to look for include "Rocket League," "Dead by Daylight Special Edition," "Valkyria Revolution," and sports games including "FIFA 17." Game prices change often, and Sony adds new games each month so it's important to check the store weekly to catch these deals.