“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is slowly growing more popular as new players continue to Play The Game. In this team deathmatch, you’ll face off against 90-something other characters in a large, open field with one goal: be the last man standing. With that being said, it’s a battle to the death as you need to be quicker, smarter, and stronger than your opponents. However, humans aren’t the only things you should be worried about as you can die in other ways as well. Here are a few tips to help you play the game.

Be careful with vehicles

One of the best items you can find in the “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” map is a vehicle.

This could be a car, motorcycle, or tricycle, as long as it has wheels. Having a vehicle can help you move around faster, which is essential if you flew off near the corner of the map. The blue circle is a merciless enemy which can quickly kill anyone standing outside of it. However, you can also die by leaping off a vehicle incorrectly as the game will register you as falling to your death. Try to stop the car before getting off to avoid any accidents along the way. Moreover, drive as safely as you can because bumping into objects will reduce your health.

Use the scopes

There are many guns scattered through the various buildings in the game. Some are better than others, but they can be enhanced through “accessories” like extra clips or chokes.

One particular accessory called scopes, greatly enhances your vision as it can zoom in on enemies. Be on the lookout for 4x or 8x scopes, especially if you have an assault rifle or a similar gun in your inventory. You’ll find that you can ambush enemies easier if you use a scope and zoom in on your prey. Don’t forget to equip the accessory on your preferred weapon though!

You don’t need to put scopes on close ranged weapons like shotguns.

Dive into red zones

The map offers a lot of great danger that can kill you faster than another player. If you see a large Red Zone on your map, it’s probably best to stay away as the field will be littered with explosives. However, you can also use this zone to your advantage if you’re being hounded by an enemy.

Explosives can’t hit you inside a house, so dive in the red zone if someone’s trying to kill you. Just make sure you try and avoid any explosions in the area as you run to a house. Once you're in the building, stay put and hide until the red zone shifts locations. Chances are your enemy might have also moved to a different area as well.