“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” has quickly become a popular game because of its survival and action elements. The game pits you in a map with 90-something other players with only one goal: be the last man standing. The game has garnered plenty of players throughout the past few months despite being an Early Access title. The developers are still trying to improve the overall quality while adding some new content along the way. In line with this, the September patch for “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” is pretty hefty and brings along some new and interesting additions to the game.

Foggy weather and new map

First off, the foggy weather effect has finally been patched in the game, according to VG247. This effect will hinder player sight but has a low probability to spawn on the field. Foggy Weather allows for interesting new play styles as it will be harder to pin down opponents through the dense fog. However, it should generally be a bit easier to sneak up on others due to the limited visibility in the area.

That aside, “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” has also gotten a new town called the East of Stalber. The developers have also enhanced the graphics of the sky for pre-existing weather effects.

New gun

Moving on, the September patch has also added the Mini-14 gun to the game.

This is a lightweight and compact weapon which is compatible with sniper rifle attachments along with any other optic sight. However, it has lower damage stats compared to other DRM’s, yet has low bullet drop and high muzzle velocity.

User interface

There is also a new option to change cross-hair color and a double tap feature for leaning.

The developers have also added some new key binds when using consumable items, while teammates in duo or group mode can now be seen if they’re crouching or laying down.


Characters who have been knocked out underwater now have a breath gauge. Similarly, they’ll also take damage over time, which should lead to their death.

The developers have also done some balance adjustments for several weapons, including the crossbow that now has a 35 percent faster reload speed. Motorcycle collision damage has also been adjusted and the firing modes will not be consistent with whatever mode you chose.

The “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” September patch is now live and you can download it if you have a copy of the game. Those who are looking into trying the free-for-all deathmatch can try the early access version on Steam.