The latest update for "Overwatch" will feature a new patch update that will tweak Mercy's gameplay again, and four game maps will be removed from the Deathmatch modes. Blizzard Entertainment announced that permanent bans and the "Junkertown" map would be available on "Competitive Play" next week.

Small patch update

Blizzard Entertainment released a small patch update for "Overwatch" that will tweak Mercy's gameplay and remove four maps from the solo and Team Deathmatch modes. The Mercy update changed her ultimate "Resurrect" to "Valkyrie," which allows her to enhance all of her abilities for 20 seconds and reduces her Resurrect cooldown for ten seconds.

While the changes to Mercy's gameplay were necessary to make her a more diverse character, some players were not happy about it as the update caused some issues on her on-fire meter. The small patch will "adjust" her on-fire meter, although the publisher did not divulge what kind of change it is.

As for the maps, Blizzard announced that Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries would no longer be available in Deathmatch modes, but they are still available in custom matches.

Gamers are currently busy playing the new "Junkertown" escort mission in "Overwatch, " and it is speculated that the Junker Queen could be the next playable character to join the roster.

Junkertown and player bans for 'Competitive Play' next week

"Overwatch" lead engineer Bill Warnecke announced that "Junkertown" would be available in "Competitive Play" next week. Blizzard wanted players to adjust first into the new map before they could deploy it for competition in the game.

The game publisher also announced that they would launch their new ban system for the game that will permanently block the worst offenders from playing Competitive.

The ban will start on Wednesday, Sept. 27 and players will be removed from the game if they will have three or more seasonal bans from their account.

These seasonal bans do not need to be consecutive, and they cannot be reset. This means that players that were banned from previous seasons will be permanently kicked out from the game the next time they violate the rules or botch their teammates during matches.

Gamers who have been playing Competitive Play in "Overwatch" were complaining about in-game hacks and exploits, giving them disadvantages during matches. With the new ban system taking place next week, players can now enjoy the game without any trouble from hackers and trolls.