Overwatch” is constantly getting new updates that help balance and transform the game into a new experience. Since it’s a paid game, Blizzard hasn’t released any demos nor can players download it without paying. Luckily enough, the developers seldom hold events called “free weekends” where they will open the game for a few days to let others try it out. Moreover, Blizzard usually holds free weekends after patching in some new things to the game.

Another free weekend

According to Engadget, Blizzard will be holding another free weekend really soon.

This charming FPS is available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One and people can try it from September 22 through the 25. This is the perfect time for the developers to hold another one of these events as they’re gearing up for a major patch next week.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has decided to hold a free weekend as they released the first one last year September. After Sombra and the arcade mode launched, they opened the game to the public during November. The most recent free weekend was the one the one they held this last past May. For those unfamiliar with how the free weekend works, players will be able to try all 25 heroes across 16 maps in Quick Play, Arcade modes, and Custom Games.

Competitive Play is locked for obvious reasons, but players can still level up and unlock loot boxes. If you decide to buy the game, your current progress will carry over, including your current level and cosmetic items.

The “Overwatch” free weekend begins this September 22 at 11:00 AM PDT/2:00 PM EDT and is available for all regions.

To play, you’ll need to install the game by downloading the Free Trial on the Xbox One or Free Weekend on the PS4. As for PC players, they can grab the free trial on the Battle.net desktop app.

Coming content

Blizzard’s September update will include some pretty nifty content including the highly-anticipated Junkertown map. This is the first additional Payload map that is coming to the game since it launched last year.

Similarly, we’ll also see some changes for several heroes – including D.Va and Mercy. The Korean Tank hero will trade in most of her defensive options for some cool new offensive abilities, like the Micro Missiles. “Overwatch” hero Mercy, on the other hand, acts almost like a new hero as her ultimate ability has been replaced with a major amplifier instead. Her Resurrect ability has been bound as her second ability, and she can only bring back one fallen ally at a time.