Street Fighter V” is the latest entry in the mainline fighting series that adds a few new features and mechanics to the game. This title is already on its second Season Pass, adding new characters to the mix. Like “Overwatch,” the “Street Fighter” franchise is also very diverse with its characters that come from all over the world. Just recently, they’ve added in a new character who hails from Egypt. Fans are absolutely in love with her character animation, and she also seems to be a capable fighter as well.

Mentat joins the fight

According to Destructoid, the latest addition to the “Street Fighter V” roster is ready to rumble as a mysterious fortune teller named Menat joins the fray.

Unlike other characters added to the game, Menat is completely new to the series and has made her debut in the game. She’s also the series’ first attempt at trying to create a “puppet” character who uses gimmicks for setting up traps around the field.

This certain play style is heavily used in many ArcSys fighting games like “BlazBlue,” so it’s interesting to see how Capcom handles this type of character. Unlike “BlazBlue” with its complex combo strings, “Street Fighter V” is a bit more simplistic, therefore, possibly making Menat a difficult fighter to learn. There are some cool combo videos of Menat circulating the web that seem to rely on flashy combos and impressive chains but it is not suited for the competitive scene.

Everybody loves her

Aside from her play style, Menat is actually a popular character in terms of looks and animation. According to Kotaku, the internet is going wild over how Menat walks. As you can see below, she isn’t afraid to flaunt the sass she has, be it walking or sitting. Interestingly enough, this all fits in with her very flamboyant kit and dance-like animations.

Lore-wise, Menat is Rose’s friend who has yet to appear as a playable fighter in this game. However, as the two share the same abilities, there’s a chance we might not see Rose in this season pass. As this is the game’s second pass, we might just see another one down the line. As Menat hails from Egypt, her alternate costumes are reminiscent of things like mummies and Cleopatra.

Those who want to get Menat can either save up enough Fight Money by playing and winning games online or simply buy the Season Pass instead. Seeing how it’s difficult to rack up Fight Money, you’re better off buying the pass instead.