MyCareer mode in “NBA 2K18” offers tons of new features than its previous versions. One of its highlights is the Road to 99, which is basically every player's dream for their character. However, it is not an easy task to achieve the 99 overall rating in the game as players will need to do tons of different activities.

This makes some players ignore reaching the 99 overall rating as it will take a lot of time. However, 2K Sports brings a lot of new unlockables in MyCareer mode that can only be unlocked by increasing the character's rating up to 99.

Due to this, players will be forced to reach the highest overall rating to enjoy the amazing rewards.

65-85 overall rating rewards

Players can achieve tons of amazing starting items and features while increasing trying to increase the character's rating from 65 to 85. The rewards in the 65 rating are the Hardened Badge and Spark Plug Badge, which is both a starting badges in the game. Players will also receive the Professional level dribbling, shooting, passing and dunking in the 65 rating. The Swag's clothing store and Foot Locker is also unlocked in the 65 overall rating.

Reaching the 70 will also reward players the Expressive Badge. The Elite level dribbling, passing, dunking and shooting will also be available after reaching 70 rating.

The Alley Oops tattoo shop will also be unlocked. The 75 rating includes the Enforcer Badge, as well as the ability to create the character's own jumpshot. The Tier 1 signature emote animations is also available after reaching the 75 rating.

The 80 to 85 overall will unlock more signature animations from Tier 1 and 2. It will also unlock the Clutch Performer Badge and Microwave Badge.

It will also allow players to access the Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. sports clothing store.

90-99 overall rating rewards

Most of the rewards in 90 to 99 overall are very important as it will help the character become much stronger. The 90 overall rating will give players the Alpha Dog Badge, as well as the ability to sit together with some GMs.

It will also give players a Bicycle and the JBL Pro sound studio, which will reward players the JBL headphones. The Tier 3 emote animations will also be available after reaching the 90 rating.

The rewards in the 91 overall rating are the On-Court Coach Badge, Tier 2 Pre-Game Rituals and the removable shirt feature. The 92 rating rewards include the Gym Rat Badge and a Skateboard, which will give more style to the character. The 93 to 94 will also unlock the Tier 2 Celebration Animations and the Championship DNA Badge. Players can also play with NBA players in MyCourt after reaching 94 overall rating.

Reaching the 95 to 99 overall rating will be very easy as the character is already in shape at that time, making it easier to win any games.

Most of the rewards in the 95 to 99 overall rating are luxurious accessories, as well as amazing shoes. The character will also be featured in the NBA 2KTV, which will totally boost the character's popularity.