Despite being a platformer, “Metroid: Samus Returns” can also pass as an action game with all the fighting you’ll have to do. The game pits you against different types of aliens, each with their own attack patterns. Luckily, you’ll have your own powerful arsenal to defeat all types of enemies within the game. However, you’ll need to learn which weapon works effectively and what techniques work best. That said, here is some “Metroid: Samus Returns” tips about combat and enemies.

Learn how to Melee Counter

The Melee Counter is a new addition to the series wherein Samus will flick a charging enemy away with her gun, stunning them temporarily.

Once they’re down, she can retaliate with her own powered-up bullets/missiles. If you see a white ring around an enemy, wait for them to charge before attacking. Once they’re close enough, press X and wait until Samus successfully stuns them. If you don’t move after a successful melee counter, Samus auto-targets the enemy, allowing you to kill them easier. Enemies who are killed via Melee Counters will drop more health, ammo, and energy, so it’s more practical to rely on this strategy when up against common aliens.

Use the missiles

Aside from her standard beams, Samus can also use her powerful missiles against aliens. These shots are much more powerful, but Samus can only carry a limited amount of ammo, as per Prima Games.

Most players will want to conserve the missiles for major boss battles, but the game provides Samus with enough missiles throughout her mission. If you kill an enemy with a Melee Counter, chances are they’ll drop some ammo for her.

Fight defensively against Metroids

Samus will fight against plenty of powerful Metroids throughout the game, each with their own attack pattern.

Your health will drastically drop if they manage to even touch you, so you have to play much more safely. Normal bullets won’t work and missiles will only hit them if you land a shot on her blue underside. Luckily, Metroids are easy to read and you can even use the Melee Counter against them. Wait for the perfect opportunity and push them back before bombarding them with missiles.

Ice Beam combo

Later in “Metroid: Samus Returns,” you’ll find the Ice Beam that allows you to freeze enemies and use them as platforms. However, if you’re having trouble against normal aliens, you can freeze them and perform a melee attack. This technique will shatter the alien and kill them, regardless of their health. While it’s pretty powerful, you’ll only have a few seconds to pull it off.