'Last Day on Earth' is a free to play shooting and survival strategy game developed by 'Kafir!'. The game lets you play as one of the survivors of a post-apocalyptic age brought about by a viral infection that took 80% of the world population. The infected people then became zombies. The main objective of the game is to survive. You can revive your character whenever you die but staying alive for as long as possible is a challenge.

What to do when you just started

When you first play the game, you will be given starting items to help you with your journey.

You can check out that empty land where you will later build your home. An abandoned pick-up truck is nearby and interacts with it to gain several useful materials. However, don't take all of the materials inside immediately. Wait until you can build your box and store it inside. The main things you will need to survive the game are weapons, food, logs, stones, plant fibers, and trinkets you can gather around other locations. You will need these raw materials to build your house and everything inside it.

To start, find as many logs as you can as well as stones lying around in the safe maps. Then, use the blueprint to craft a hatchet, a pickaxe, and a spear. If you can craft a backpack, equip it to increase the number of items you can carry home.

Bring the items you crafted with you and remember to crouch whenever you see zombies nearby. You can then attack them with a sneak attack that triples your weapon damage. Just stay at the edge of the map if you are only there to forage or to mine. If another survivor is around the map, they will attack you and steal your items once you die.

To be safe, stay on the edge of the map to make it easier to run from stronger survivors. Re-enter the map once you successfully ran from your attackers and remembered to heal yourself if you sustained damage. You can heal yourself using the berries that you can pick around the map or the food ration you are given every day when you log in.

Try to fill your backpack before you go back home so you can maximize your trip since walking takes time and running to the map takes energy.

Another key point you should remember

The game gives bonuses once in a while for players who are always online. Sometimes, the army drops air cargo for survivors so watch out for these. If you are the first to arrive, you can get armor, food, and weapons. Bunkers are also around, but you will need an access pass to get inside. You can get an access pass from dead soldiers or find it in boxes when you forage. These bunkers hold some goodies you can loot. However, bunkers are also laden with zombies so always enter at your own risk.