A new statement from the Vice President for Marketing and PR of Bethesda Pete Hines rebuts his previous statement dismissing the speculations of an unannounced game releasing this year. Earlier this week, the news about a SECRET game from Bethesda releasing this year is making rounds online. The reports used Hines’ latest interview at the PAX West 2017.

However, when asked again a few days later on Twitter about the upcoming game, the vice president claims he was just rambling during the interview. He said he might have suffered a concussion from the recent online beating.

He said that his previous statement should be ignored.

New statement

On his official Twitter account, Bethesda Vice President again said that his previous answer to Mr.Matty was just a joke. This response was made when a Twitter user named Ryan Brown tagged the vice president in a tweet from a UK gaming site claiming that a new title will be released this year. Brown wanted to disprove the claim of the gaming site and later got the latest answer from the horse’s mouth. With the most recent statement from Hines, fans are now back to guessing and anticipating what the new title could be about.

List of games coming in 2017

Bethesda has an interesting range of titles that are scheduled for release this year.

This includes the highly anticipated eleventh installment of the Wolfenstein series, “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.” This year the third person horror game “The Evil within 2” will also be released. Billy Lurk is also coming back next week in a standalone adventure titled “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.” The arena-style first person shooter title “Quake Champions” is also expected to be released this year.

In addition to this impressive list, fans are also anticipating the “Elder Scrolls VI” but most likely, the game will be available a year or a couple of years from now. Bethesda has been mum about any news about the title. There is also a listing from a video game retailer claiming that “Fallout 4” Game of the Year Edition will be released this year on the hybrid console, Nintendo Switch.

Taking these into account, it appears that Bethesda has a long list of titles bound to be released this year. Most likely, the unannounced game that Hines is talking about will not be as big as the others. Releasing another AAA title with four games already lined up, at the last quarter of the year might just saturate the gaming market.