Popular game company Square Enix has recently revealed that they will be releasing a new video game that will be a part of a popular franchise. This new game title will be called “Left Alive,” and it will be an action shooter type of game.

The game company also revealed that the game’s development team involved will have some prominent individuals that have a big reputation in the gaming industry today. I am personally excited about its development, and the different kinds of surprises that are in store for gamers.

TGS 2017 reveals new game

The game company revealed their newest video game during the Tokyo Game Show 2017.

They also revealed a new teaser trailer depicting its setting. It revealed a ruined city that was destroyed by war, and it also showed several mechanical giants being transported to some areas.

Characters designed by famous artist

The video game will also have a character designer famous for his designs from famous game franchises like “Metal Gear,” and “Zone of the Enders.” Yoji Shinkawa has joined the team in order to design several characters. It will also be directed by Toshifumi Nabeshima, who is known for “Armored Core” and “Chromehounds.”

More details revealed

Square Enix later revealed more details about the upcoming video game “Left Alive.” It will be a survival action shooter, and it will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The game is related to Shinji Hashimoto’s “Front Mission” game franchise. Some of the Wanzer (mechs) designs are done by Takayuki Yanase, who is famous for his designs on “Mobile Suit Gundam 00.”

The company revealed that this will be a survival action game, and it will feature shoot outs. There will be traps along the way with different placements.

Timeline established

This upcoming video game will be in the same world and setting of the “Front Mission” series. The game company revealed that it will take place between “Front Mission 5,” and the current game title, “Front Mission Evolved.”

Three protagonists revealed

A young hero will be start the video game and progress it to a certain point.

It will then switch into the second protagonist, who will be a female lead. Players will be able to switch among the three protagonists along the way.Players have the freedom to choose on how to progress through the different routes.

There will be no Wanzer customization in this game, but there will be another way to power up their characters. They can gain weapons and materials in different levels and use that for customization. It was also revealed that the game will be offline, but there might be some online elements.

Only one ending

Players can only achieve one ending in “Left Alive," but there is a catch. The outcome of characters related to the protagonists can be changed, but they will need to take action.

These outcomes can be changed depending on the choices that will choose.

"Left Alive" will be released on the PS4 and PC through Steam next year. It was also confirmed by Square Enix that it will be released in Western shores.

Check out the "Left Alive" TGS 2017 Trailer here: