NetherRealm Studios recently premiered the latest trailer for the God of Thunder, Raiden. As part of the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2” Raiden joins Black Manta in the roster of playable characters in the popular fighting game. During Gamescom 2017, the studio unveiled the three playable characters included in its second expansion.

The inclusion of “Mortal Kombat’s” Raiden in the game raised mixed reactions from the community. While some are not happy others are elated to get their hands on the God of Thunder. The latest trailer for the newest addition to the fighters in the game is electrifying.

Interestingly, it also contains a surprise.

Latest trailer

In the latest “Injustice 2” Pro Series Tournament on ESPN 2, the game developer debuts the first gameplay trailer for the Thunder God. The video showcased Raiden’s moves as well as the first look at his Premium Skin. The fighter has the same classic move sets shown in the trailer. However, there are several noticeable super-charged techniques that is now equipped with the character. Alongside the God of Thunder, NetherRealm Studios introduces Black Lightning.

Black Lightning

Raiden and the Premiere Black Lightning skin will be available in the game’s Ultimate Edition on October 10. Season Pass holders will also get Raiden/Black Lightning on the same date.

The trailer is awesome that it somehow changed previous negative impressions about the character. The gameplay shows Raiden showcasing his combos. There is also a scene where he uses close strikes and upcharge to fire a shot with numerous hits.

He also flaunts his classic moves including the iconic Superman Charge. This enables him to push the enemy across the area with massive damage.

His teleport is also shown in the video alongside trapping an opponent with what appears like an electrified rectangle.


In the latest gameplay trailer, his Ultimate enables God of Thunder to trap the enemy in mid-air. After that, he teleports the opponent to a stage that resembles “Mortal Kombat.” Raiden let loose a pair of Superman charges; fly his opponent in the air where he awakens the dragon from the “MK” logo.

The dragon then uses his teeth to grab them both down where the God of Thunder utilizes the dragon as its weapon.

In the last part of the trailer, it is revealed that Raiden and the Black Lightning Premiere Skin will unlock in the Ultimate edition of “Injustice 2.” This is scheduled to arrive on October 10. With the given date, it appears that Hellboy will be released in the game in November 2017.