“Prey” has been one of the most popular sci-fi RPGs today. It offers a lot of amazing features for a sci-fi game, such as the ability to turn into an object, as well as fight different monsters with the use of advanced weaponry. Players can also try a lot of amazing mods on “Prey.” One of the best mods in the game is the Real lights plus Ultra Graphics mod. The said mod also has a new version, which adds tons of amazing features that will make the game even more realistic.

Features of the Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics mod

The Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics mods for “Prey” aims to improve the game's overall graphics, as well as its physics.

The mod will allow flashlights and other light sources in the game to cast shadows, making it more realistic. The mod also corrected some shadows in several objects in the game.

The mod also features an ultra view distance, which will allow players to view structures or objects clearly even if they are at a far range. Some particles in will also receive improvements with the mod, where players can experience more collisions on different types of particles. it will also feature a much darker atmosphere.

The mod also features much better reflections. Several fake lights will also get disabled when using the mod. The mod also features more shattered parts when a player tries to break a goo. Burn and paper piece decals that disappear quickly is fixed in the mod.

The mod also improves the Reshade AO+IL, which will allow the game to run on a much smoother frame rate. Players can also download a sperate version of the mod that has the Reshade feature, which will let the player experience the original frame rate of the game.

Changes in the 0.8b version

The latest version brings a fix to the issue where shadows are flickering in some areas.

The latest update of the mod also improves the frame rate in larger areas. The 0.8b version also features improved physics un multiple objects in the game, such as Industrial lathe, drill press and crafting plans. Players will also notice improvements in Transtar hanging wall logo, workbench vice, board eraser and cigarettes.

The latest update of the mod also brings changes in some shadow view distances, which will avoid the issue where shadows randomly show when inside large areas or rooms. It will also allow the character to destroy lights in the game by shooting, as well as through collisions. The creator of the mod also released the trailer of the 0.8b version where a character shoots and destroys a post light.