Humble Bundle is known to offer great discounts on their weekly bundles, and this is one of the best in recent years. Admittedly, most of the included games have been discounted before, but it is practically a must buy for players who do not own most of the listed titles.

Bringing together games published by Capcom, Sega, or Atlus, there is quite an impressive variety of genre and gameplay types include this one neat package. Let us take a quick look at what made the cut.

Pay what you want

For $1, players receive the hilarious pinball game "Rollers of the Realm," "Zeno Clash 2," "Sonic Adventure 2," "Bionic Commando," and "Citizens of Earth."

Not one of the five games is even remotely like the other, so there is bound to be something for everyone.

"Sonic Adventure 2" is the biggest name in the list, as the Dreamcast classic is considered one of the best 3D "Sonic" games. It is a quite old, and the gameplay can be a bit hit and miss in certain areas, but it is worth at least one playthrough.

"Bionic Commando" is a third person shooter which strayed far from the routes of the franchise. It is not a terrible title by any means, but it turned a well-loved series into a kind of generic action game.

Beat the average

With the price currently less than $7, this level includes "Renegade Ops Collection," "Sonic Generations," "Resident Evil 4," "Dead Rising," and "Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure."

"Dead Rising" is the highlight of the entire bundle since the PC version was only released last year.

This is easily the cheapest it has ever been to purchase the Xbox 360 classic on the computer. Although the later games, which were included in a recent bundle, managed to improve in few ways; the original is still generally considered the best of the bunch.

"Resident Evil 4" needs no introduction. It is a masterpiece and a game everyone should own.

"Sonic Generations," which comes with the DLC, is a fantastic modern 3D "Sonic" and the only recent one worth buying.

Pay $12

The third tier offers "Motorsport Manager" and "Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition." The former is perfectly for F1 fans, although it is easy enough to enjoy for everyone.

"Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition" is rarely discounted for anything less than $10, so this is about as good as it gets.

The combat is, obviously, fantastic and three new playable characters are included as part of the "Special Edition." As a stand alone game, it offers the ability to replay and is a must-have for action fans.