If there is one benefit to owning a gaming PC over a console, it would be the different avenues available to purchase an online game. Although there are a few sites which offer PlayStation 4 or Xbox One digital codes, most would need to turn to Sony or Microsoft's stores in order to purchase a title.

On PC, there is always a sale happening somewhere. Sure, the Steam sale is the one most people look forward to, but it's hardly the only one worth noting. Humble Bundle has rightfully earned a positive reputation as a viable alternative to Valve's popular gaming outlet.

Although Humble Bundle is mostly known for their, well, bundles, they also offer a pretty extensive selection of stand alone games to purchase. Their End of Summer sale includes something for pretty much everyone.

'Shadow Warrior 2,' 'Watch Dogs 2,' and 'Fairy Fencer F'

There are so many titles included in this sale, that it's hard to really know where to start. Thankfully, Humble Bundle has made it easier for all of us by categorizing the available titles by their publisher.

There is a section for Ubisoft, Devolver, 2K Games, Paradox, THQ Nordic, NIS America, and Idea Factory. As these companies specialize in vastly different genres and game styles, it relatively easy to pick out which subpage best fits your preferences and desires.

"Watch Dogs 2" is one of the biggest games included on the sale, although, at just $29.99, it is not the greatest discount ever. Some other exciting price cuts include the "Darksiders Franchise Pack" for $9.99, which comes with the remastered version of both hack-and-slash action-RPG hybrids. They are fun and long games, well worth a try for anyone interested in fighting some demon hordes.

"Shadow Warrior 2" is priced at $19.99, which is definitely tempting for one of the best and most chaotic action games of the last few years. The first entry in the franchise was fun, but this one improves in nearly every single way.

Idea Factory has pretty much all their games on sale, with some reasonable prices. Since they seem to be discounted every other week, it is hard to get too excited.

Is this it?

This seems to be just the first batch of titles for the sale, as most will last around two days. Since Humble Bundle is planning to continue their End of Summer discounts until September 23, there should be a rotation of new games every few days. Most likely, a handful of new publishers will get their moment in the spotlight after the current batch has their fill.