Game company Bandai Namco has recently revealed that there might be an upcoming “God Eater” soon for home consoles. New trailers and announcements for upcoming video games were also revealed just recently.

New ‘God Eater’ title coming soon

A little while ago, the game company announced that there will be a new title for the popular game series. They recently released a new trailer for a live orchestra concert that will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall. This will be held in Oct. 7 and in the end of the trailer revealed a tease that suggested a new title will be coming soon.

‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ new live action trailer showcases characters

Game developer Intelligent Sytems and publisher Nintendo recently revealed a new live action trailer that featured a few characters included in the mobile game “Fire Emblem Heroes.” There were four characters in the trailer, which were Lucina, Roy, Lyn, and Ike. They were all wielding their respective weapons like a lance, sword, bow, and axe.

‘Fire Embelm Warriors’ gets Elise with new gameplay trailer

In other related news, game developer Koei Tecmo also released a new trailer for “Fire Emblem Warriors,” which can be viewed below. A new character was introduced this time around, which was Elise from the “Fates” title. She will still ride a horse and she will use her magic to defeat tons of enemies in the battlefield.

‘Monster Hunter World’ gets new gameplay video featuring multiplayer

Game company Capcom also revealed a new trailer that featured “Monster Hunter World.” It showcased the multiplayer gameplay of the video game. The ones controlling the characters in it were producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, director Kaname Fujioka, YouTuber Arekkz, and community manager Joshua Dahdrai.

The four players were playing the game on the PlayStation 4 at the Gamescom event held earlier. Each player had different characters with their own weapon preferences. They were fighting against a T-Rex type of monster and others as well.

The gameplay video also featured the traps that worked so well against the monsters. One of the players sprung it up on their target and was immediately caught.

Sony reveals new see-through crystal DualShock 4 controllers

Game company Sony has also revealed their new line of DualShock 4 controllers. These will be the new see-through crystal controllers and the white version will be redesigned for the second version. The new colors will include red and blue with the version 2.0 design and they will be sold first in North America this month.

Check out the multiplayer gameplay video of “Monster Hunter World” below: