Bethesda Softworks LLC is an American Video Game Publisher based in Rockville, Maryland. Bethesda spawned its own in-house development team which later became Bethesda Game Studios, and Bethesda Softworks remained solely as a publisher. Bethesda is known to deliver and is responsible for some of the best games today's generation of players have seen. They are best known for titles like the open world action role-playing video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," and the epic first-person shooter video game "Doom."

Both games have been ported and released for the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Bethesda Game Studios looks to build a harmonious and a long time relationship with Nintendo. Bethesda has another upcoming first-person shooter action-adventure video game in "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus."

Arguably the most versatile and groundbreaking video game console of its time, Nintendo Switch made a masterful transition between a handheld and home console, which allows players the full experience of both portable and home gaming.

The start of something good

Bethesda Softworks is most likely to develop more games as well as port its already sought-after titles. Fans are all the more excited after the VP of marketing for the company, Pete Hines told Venture Beat that they are looking to build a relationship with Nintendo.

In his interview, Hines mentioned, "We’ve been in constant conversation with them, and not just about the two games we have now, but about our whole approach to the platform going forward."

Fans are thrilled to see the likes of "Fallout" and "Dishonored" make it to the Switch hardware. "Prey" and "The Evil Within" are other good candidates.

Nevertheless, gamers would like to see an original Bethesda game for the Nintendo Switch platform that can utilize the full potential of the console.

The bandwagon

Since its release, many of the big names in video games have followed the trend of porting their games to the hybrid console. Notable transitions were "Minecraft" from Mojang and 4J Studios, "Sonic Mania" from Sega and "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" from Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Later, came "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and "Doom," both from Bethesda. Third-party game publishers and developers have seen the potential of the device and look to cash into this escalating trend.

Much to the delight of Nintendo Switch players, more titles seem to jump in the popular console's pool of available games. This can only broaden the already remarkable roster of games the Switch hardware has.

Truly, the future looks bright for both Nintendo and Bethesda as the number of both their sales and their growing fan base stack up.