Supergiant Games released a new update on “Pyre.” It is called the True Nightwing update, which adds a new game campaign mode similar to “Ironman.“ The update also adds several changes to the game. Fans are happy as Supergiant Games also released new soundtracks for the game. Players can now download the True Nightwing update free of charge. The update also brings new Steam Achievements.

Features in the True Nightwing update

One of the main highlights of the True Nightwing update is the new campaign mode. According to Supergiant Games, the campaign mode will feature a lot of interesting storylines for players to finish.

The company also confirmed that the new Game Mode will also unlock completions in the base game. Due to this, players should finish the new game mode in order to progress in the game. Supergiant Games also confirmed that the “Ironman“-like campaign mode will not Change The Game's difficulty.

The update will also unlock all Titan Stars, where some will be required for use. The Enlightenment that is required to increase rank is also re-scaled in the latest update. The latest campaign mode also disables the ability to reload the last checkpoint, as well as restart Rites. Due to this, players must be very strategic to avoid being defeated. The latest campaign mode will also unlock all of the Book of Rites and White Lute.

The True Nightwing update also unlocks all of the Slugmarket's inventory. Supergiant Games also confirmed in the patch notes that they will reveal the "Feats of Glory" very soon. The settings that were chosen by the player cannot be changed once the new campaign mode has already started. Due to this, players must change the game's settings that fits their playstyle.

New soundtracks

Supergiant Games also released several soundtracks for the game. First is the "Pyre: Original Soundtrack - The White Lute", which features different acoustic versions of some original soundtracks from the game. The other soundtrack is the "Pyre: Original Soundtrack - The Black Mandolin." It features eight versions of the song "Never to Return."

According to Supergiant Games, players that have purchased the game's soundtracks will receive both albums for free.

The company also confirmed that players can stream the new soundtracks from YouTube and other streaming services. Supergiant Games also revealed new merchandise such as T-shirts and posters, which are available from their official online store,