The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature Hajime Tabata announcing a new project next year and his opinion on adding explicit mods to the sequel's PC version.

Next project in 2018

Game director Hajime Tabata announced his plans for making a new video game project after "Final Fantasy XV" next year as he told IGN during the PAX 2017 event that his entire team will start conceptualizing new ideas for future titles that will replicate, or even surpass the sequel in terms of unique story, game features, and success.

"Obviously we're are doing a lot of different things within the XV development team at the moment," Tabata said.

"But every single thing we're doing then really is something that we have to do to get the experience to move on to do our next project."

Square Enix still has plans for "FFXV" for this year and the next starting with the "Monster of the Deep" VR DLC on November, Episode Ignis in December, and the PC version's launch in 2018. Certainly, Tabata and his team will have their hands full with these upcoming DLC updates that they might not be able to work on the new title next year.

It is also worth noting that the game director has no plans for a "Final Fantasy XV-2" as he felt that it will be impractical to do so since there is too much content already present and coming to the game.

Tabata's thoughts on explicit mods

When Tabata announced that the PC version of "FFXV" will feature game mods, several gaming fans are worried about PC users adding explicit content to the modding tools that will jeopardize Square Enix's reputation.

One of these explicit content is the "nude mods" for female characters like Cindy due to her sexy and almost revealing outfit.

Tabata quickly commented about the fans' concerns and admitted that he and his team are a little worried too about the possibility of having nude mods in the game.

But the game director is confident that PC users will not be able to do such a thing as Square Enix will likely place safe guards for such content in the game.

Tabata explained that the player's freedom to express his/her creativity is the most important aspect of the mods and he does not want to limit their creative potential because of the explicit contents.

PC modding has been a part of the video game industry for years and "FFXV" will be the first in the game franchise to experience that kind of fun and creativity. "FFXV's" PC version will feature 4K resolution and HDR support for higher graphics and texture quality. The Japanese publisher used the new version of the Luminous Engine and NVIDIA's tech to develop the PC version without suffering errors in its gameplay.

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