Final Fantasy XV” invading every platform imaginable isn’t actually that hard to imagine, so when developer Square Enix announced there’s going to be a “Pocket Edition of the game, most fans weren’t surprised. However, what’s absolutely worth a watch is the game’s cast of characters, which will come pocket-sized, turning Prince Noctis and the gang into big-headed, chibi cuties.

An epic RPG in an adorable form

At Gamescom in Germany, Square Enix revealed “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition,” which will be coming to iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Slated for this fall, the cuted-up FFXV retelling lets players explore the world of Eos with the characters through ten different episodes.

The first one is free, while you’ll have to shell out an unspecified amount to continue the epic tale.

Although the upcoming mobile game includes the main cast, it won’t be exactly the same as the console version. Gameplay has also changed to what looks almost like an isometric action RPG, with "casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices."

This news comes off the back of the “Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition” announcement that sees Square Enix partner with Nvidia to bring a visually enhanced version of the game to PCs. The PC version will allow players to screenshot 360-degree high-resolution images throughout the game (up to 63360 x 35640), and also play in the first-person perspective.

It will run on the NVIDIA Gameswork tech suite to optimize the experience, so expect a much higher quality graphical experience with the Windows port.

Here’s the announcement trailer for the “Pocket Edition.” No release date was announced, so we’re going to guess you won’t hear more until the holidays.

‘Monster of the Deep’ VR experience

Square Enix also revealed when the “Monster of the DeepVR experience for “Final Fantasy 15” will be made available. The content is set to make its debut worldwide on November 21, almost one year after the base game released in 2016.

During the game, players head out on a fishing trip with Noctis et al.

During story mode, players are thrown into the middle of “an exhilarating and action-packed showdown with a menace that lurks in the depths”. Free fishing mode, as the name implies, means you just head out and go for the big one.

Get ready to explore Lucis on the go when “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition” arrives on your iOS and Android device this fall. We'll keep you updated with more information and our impressions, so stay tuned.