Fans have been hoping to hear more news and updates about the fan-favorite game "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." Square Enix, the game developer, has been offering fans very little information about the release date of the game. The anticipation for the classic RPG revival is high because the original game is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year.

On top of that, the FF franchise is also celebrating its 30th year in the gaming world. However, there are only a few events left that could be good venues for the BIG reveal from the developer. There are speculations right now that Square Enix could potentially announce the release date of the game this week.

Tokyo Games Show

One of the events that fans think could be a potential venue for the release date reveal of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is the Tokyo Games Show. A few days ago, Square Enix released their list of activities in the event, which disappointed many fans. The list, unfortunately, does not include the highly anticipated game. Interestingly, the developer reserved the last day of their activities to the FF franchise. Fans are looking forward that Square Enix will reveal something related to the classic revival title on that day.


On September 7, the game will celebrate its 20th anniversary since it was officially launched in North America. And what better way to celebrate the event than to at least give the release window of it upcoming revival?

While Square Enix has not yet revealed any announcement happening on September 7, hopes are still high. However, even if the developer will not reveal anything this week, there are still upcoming events that might be the venue for the BIG reveal.

It is possible that the much-awaited announcement could also happen on November 17.

This date marks the game's 20th anniversary since it was launched on PlayStation. Another possible venue for the BIG reveal could happen several months from now. The developer could make the announcement during the game's anniversary celebrating when it was released in Europe.

PlayStation Experience

Another event that the highly anticipated reveal could take place is at the PlayStation Experience.

It is scheduled to start on December 9 and will run until December 10. In one of its previous interviews, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studio's boss said that they opted not to reveal several triple AAA games during E3 2017 because they would like to make the announcements later.

These are all speculations as neither Sony nor Square Enix has said any new information about the classic RPG revival. Fans could only hope and wait that "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" would be released early.