Bluehole’s multiplayer battle royale "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” continues to gain traction in Steam. The widely popular shooter game recently made headlines in the gaming world when it reached more than one million concurrent users in Steam. This week, PUBG made another record as the game with more people play at once than any other game in Steam’s history.

According to Forbes, the Hunger Games-like title had gained astonishing achievement when it surpassed Dota 2’s record on Steam. It now set another new all-time record on Steam. The game’s official Twitter account recently shared a chart where it showed how the game’s 1,342,857 players toppled Dota’s record of 1,295,114 players.

The PUBG is still growing fast

According to GameSpot, the Hunger Games-like title made its debut on the gaming world through Steam Early Access program, where it available to play at $30. Amazingly, "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has managed to sell more than 10 million copies in its initial market launch.

However, the PUBG’s figures are still growing fast, with no sign of slowing down. The latest data from SteamCharts shows that the concurrent players have peaked at an even more impressive figure. It’s now reached a whopping 1, 349,589 users.

According to SteamCharts, the multiplayer battle royale PUBG has now shattered Dota 2’s all-time concurrent player record of 1.29 million, which it first set in January 2016.

But take note, this is not just a simple Dota 2 record; it’s the record for any game in Steam’s history. SteamCharts currently listed Dota 2’s record at 1.2 million users, followed by "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," which has a distant peak of 850,485 users.

Developer Bluehole could expect even more in the future as the game publisher and Microsoft announced plans to release an Xbox One version in late 2017.

The developer also suggested that the game may also hit other consoles too, but it didn’t make any comment about the release date.

In other gaming-related stories

In other gaming-related stories, Bluehole’s recent update has added new weather effects and weapons on board. The developer also talked more about the upcoming vaulting system and more details about its first-person server.

According to Rolling Stone, the latest update introduced new items and weapons, new weather experience, improved gameplay, enhanced UI/UX experience, some audio improvements, new actions, improved performance client and server performance, and several important bug fixes.

In addition to the game update, Bluehole also detailed more about the planned vaulting system, which will be able to dynamically detect and analyze tens of thousands of objects in the game. A full list of patch notes can be found on Rolling Stone’s or the developer's official website.