Finally, the wait is over! Actually, no, the waiting has just begun, but at least we now know there is something to look forward to. After the magnificent failure which was "Battleborn," fans wondered if a return to Pandora might be on the cards. Gearbox Software has decided to put that speculation to bed, after confirming that 90% of their team is working on "Borderlands 3".

We want more

"Borderlands 2" hit the shelves over five years ago, with Gearbox barely releasing anything of note since then. Sure, another "Borderlands" title was released, but "The Pre-Sequel" ended up being nothing more than a disappointing stop-gap before another main entry into the series is released.

Randy Pitchford, the company's CEO, only confirmed they are working on the sequel, but decided not to say anything more substantial. On a quick side note, Gearbox announced that "Battleborn" would receive some "Borderlands" skins, almost admitting they should have done a proper sequel to the popular franchise instead of the hero shooter.

The only thing we do know is that Scott Kester, the art director for "Borderlands 2," should be returning for the sequel. This is fantastic news, as the franchise's visual style is one of its defining characteristics.

A retrospective

The original "Borderlands" is not the greatest game of all time. The visuals are unique, and the gameplay is okay, but the awful storyline and terrible ending made the whole experience a bit of a slog.

The series' trademark juvenile humor is present but is improved upon in the sequel.

"Borderlands 2" is everything a sequel should be. The story is a hundred times better and introduces a slew of unique and memorable characters, including a great antagonist in Handsome Jack. The gameplay stays mostly the same, so it is still fun and responsive.

While the original featured a good selection of weapons, "Borderlands 2" might offer the best of all time. There are guns everywhere, and most of them are pretty unique. With a solid multiplayer, the franchise offers replayability as each starting character comes with their advantages and disadvantages.

In comparison to the previous two games, "The Pre-Sequel" feels small and, honestly, unimportant.

It is worth playing just to flesh out Handsome Jack's character, but the missions and weapons lack diversity and memorable encounters. It is not the worst game ever but a sizeable step back from what came before.