GOG.com is one of the biggest gaming distributors on the internet, with massive weekly sales to entice customers to come back around for more. Once-in-awhile, they even provide Free Games which can be received when a certain amount of cash is spent at the store.

For this week, up to three games can be earned, depending on how much the customer spends. If $5 is dropped, the customer is allowed to select one of the three titles, with another free game added for every $5 spent. In other words, $15 results in three free games.

What is free?

Honestly, a free game should never serve as motivation to buy something else.

Still, if there is something available in the store that the player was thinking about purchasing, this is just an added bonus.

The games GOG is offering for free are the action RPG "Kyn," "Tropico Reloaded," and the isometric zombie shooter "Breach & Clear Deadline Rebirth." They all offer different experiences from each other, so it would be worth doing some research to see which might be worth your time.

From the three, "Tropico Reloaded" is the best of the bunch, while also tailoring for the most niche crowd. It includes the original "Tropico," its add-on "Paradise Island," and the sequel "Tropico 2: Pirates Cove." There is an insane amount of content included, although it is also the oldest of the three free titles, as it was released in 2009.

What is on sale?

Green man gaming's weekly sale includes a few highlights, although nothing all that exciting.

The atmospheric western "Hard West" is included, with the "Collector's Edition" is reduced by 75% of its original price. It is a fun and challenging title, although one that is definitely not for everyone. Still, at less than $10, it is worth considering.

"Tropico 3," "Tropico 4," and "Tropico 5" are all on sale, with the former two costing less than $5. Considering "Tropico Reloaded" can also be chosen for free, this is an excellent opportunity to pick up the entire franchise.

"Vikings - Wolves of Midgard" is one of the biggest games included in the sale, with a price reduction of 50%.

The "Diablo" style hack and slash title received mixed to positive reviews, with most agreeing that it does a reasonable job of capturing what is fun about isometric action RPGs.

"Banner Saga" is also worth noticing, as a gripping narrative focuses title with a great soundtrack. It has been on sale countless times before, so seeing it included is hardly all that special, but it is always worth mentioning.