Many players believe that “Pokémon GO is getting old and there is nothing more the game can offer. While the Gen 3 is on its way, most likely to arrive in fall or winter, there are some basic aspects of the game that needs to be better. Until and unless Niantic does that, the game will keep losing players, and that means the end would be near.

150 New Pokémon not enough

According to Forbes, two problem areas must be addressed first before Gen 3 arrives. However, it does not seem likely that Niantic will consider them solving first before releasing 150 new Pokémon into the game.

The developer is in the process of dumping all the Legendaries into Raids.

First, there were four Legendary Birds, and now there are three Legendary Beasts. Mewtwo will soon follow along with Ho-Oh and a pair of Mythics. Post that, it will be the Gen 3. While many believe that the introduction of new and better critters will infuse fresh life into the game, it may not be enough to bring players back.

Gameplay should be the main area of focus

Trainers are currently in a situation where they can easily five to 10 copies of every Legendaries and then have nothing to do with them, except catching more Legendaries via Raids. Niantic is still not focusing on the gameplay. There is the minimal presence of skill-based gameplay.

The catch mechanic is simply not enough.

There is also little strategy involved in Battling. It’s now just a turn-based system requiring taps and swipes. To get back players, Niantic needs to make “Pokémon GO” more interactive. Battling and activities where the battles will take place have to be better. Currently, the toughest fights simply involve finding people having Tyranitars and then beating the boss.

Other activities are not fun anymore

Raids are the only profitable activity in the game. Hence, Niantic needs to fire up other activities to match up to the Raids. Catching Pokémon in the wild is no more fun as it used to be when the game had launched. Wild catching has been fun recently only when the special global events take place.

However, such activities are restricted only to certain cities and countries. Rare spawns have to be made more common to make catching a fun event again. This will, in turn, make incense and lures look promising again. As trainers can now easily get hold of raid bosses, the Buddy System has greatly lost its sheen.

Everything lagging behind Raids

The Buddy System is underpowered, and the developer must reduce required distances considerably. It will also be helpful if trainers get Stardust after completing certain milestones. Numerous unusual items are locked for the Raids only. This should not be the case. Rare Candies and TMs should also be loosened up a bit.

Even though the Gyms have been revamped somewhat, the Gym rewards are lackluster.

Moreover, the decay” system has affected turnover, especially with the higher tier critters. Everything in “Pokémon GO” falls behind Raids. Egg distances should also be brought down, as rare hatches remain so rare that trainers have nearly forgotten about them.