A professional 'Overwatch' team has signed on a skilled player for a $150,000 contract. The 17-year old player is known to be exceptionally skillful in the game and shows just how valuable a career in eSports can be. This was in preparation for the upcoming Overwatch League, which is a tournament held where several teams will compete with each other in a bid to win in the video game multiplayer matches. The official signing window for teams is open until October 30.

Who was signed for $150,000 contract?

An Overwatch League team named Nrg Esports has signed on Jay Won, also known as Sinatraa, for the massive $150,000 contract.

It is $100,000 more than the minimum salary for Overwatch League players. This contract term is exclusive of the bonuses that the NRG Esports team may earn while competing in the League.

For instance, in the first season of the Overwatch League, teams can rake in around $3.5 million in bonuses. If Won continues to play as he has been in the recent past, then it is highly likely that he would earn more than the $150,000 that the contract allows for. He is in fact so good in 'Overwatch' that two teams had bid for him simultaneously. Along with NRG Esports, Cloud9 also wanted to get Sinatraa in its team. This bidding between the two is what led to the final contract offer being so high.

The contract was signed by Won's mother, as he is still a minor and does not legally have the right to enter into a contract by himself.

Won will now train under Brad Bajani, who has been named head 'Overwatch' coach by the NRG Esports team. Bajani was previously a co-owner of a gaming company, Selfless Gaming, which had to be closed down. Won used to play under Bajani while Selfless completed in the events. Won will also be a part of the 'Overwatch' World Cup team for America that will compete against South Korea, at BlizzCon in November.

It remains to be seen if the team signs more people shortly.

How big is the league?

The league consists of nine teams in the first season currently, although more may join in soon. These teams will compete against each other until there is one clear winner of the entire League. The $20 million franchise fee for the tournament has been raised by professional sports teams, such as the New England Patriots, Miami Heat, New York Mets, and Sacramento Kings. Each team will have 12 players, and these players will be provided with housing and training before the League starts.