Bethesda has updated Fallout 4's PC version on August 28, and this new update brings in the replacement system to the company's paid mods system. This means that the update finally adds support for the Creation Club system, which was unveiled at E3 this year. The system will include the content created by developers and mod creators in the 'Fallout 4' community and can be purchased by players.

All about the paid system?

Bethesda received a lot of flak from gamers after it introduced the paid mods feature in 'Skyrim,' which ultimately led to them abandoning the idea.

At E3 2017, the company announced a similar concept for 'Fallout 4', but with some key changes so that players remain content with the mods offered for the game. Bethesda revealed that all free mods for 'Fallout 4' will continue to be free, but that it will bring in some mod creators of its own to work on official mods for the game.

These mods will be made especially for the Creation Club, and each of the mods will have to go through the full QA procedures that Bethesda employs for all its games and contents. After all of these procedures are cleared, the mods will be released to the players through the Creation Club, from where they will be able to buy these items. The publisher said that these mods would be mostly mini DLCs for the game released by Bethesda.

When a player buys a mod, the money will be divided between the company and the mod creator.

Creation Club transactions will be carried out through a form of currency known as Credits. Bethesda revealed that all gamers would get 100 Credits to start out on Creation Club and they can purchase additional Credits from digital storefronts.

However, the studio did not go into detail exactly how these transactions would work. Instead, it said that the Creation Club would be better understood by players once they start using the service themselves. Mod creators will now start releasing content for the service, and all of it will be up for sale at different prices, depending on what that particular mod changes.

What does the system sport?

According to Polygon, the Creation Club already has different armor sets for sale. These sets include a Chinese Stealth Armor, Hellfire Power Armor, and even Morgan's Space Suit from 'Prey.' Many different guns are also available through the service currently. Although, all of the items have to be bought using Credits, the prerequisites for using these items differ. Some of them may be available after completing a particular quest, while others may become available through crafting only.