Warframe” is one of the most popular free-to-play games today. It offers tons of amazing features that players won't see in any shooting games. Fans also love “Warframe” because of its amazing weaponry, where players can craft and customize their weapons without spending any real money. One of the most in-demand items in the game are the secondary weapons. It is because of how useful it is, especially when a player is down and needs to be revived. It is also very useful when primary weapons run out of ammo. Here are the Top 3 secondary weapons this 2017.

Akstiletto Prime

The Akstiletto Prime is one of the most sought after secondary weapons in the game. It is a dual pistol with a very high accuracy and fire rate, making it look like a dual mini-machine gun. The Akstiletto Prime also has a fast reload speed even if it has a large 40 rounds magazine size. It is also known for its high-status chance, which is at 30 percent.

Adding a bunch of dual status mods will give it a 100 percent status chance, making it incredibly powerful. It also has a decent 15 percent critical chance. However, most players prefer the status chance build for Akstiletto Prime as it is more effective that way.

Euphona Prime

The Euphona Prime is a mini-shotgun and is also the signature weapon of the Banshee Prime.

However, it is being used by many players with different characters. The Euphona Prime is known for its high impact damage, which can almost destroy an entire shield of a high-level enemy.

It also offers a devastating 30 percent critical chance, making it a very deadly sidearm weapon. However, the Euphona Prime has two firing modes.

The second firing mode offers a lower critical chance but a higher status chance. Due to this, players can try almost any builds in the gun as it is very effective in both critical and status chance.


The Pandero is a semi-automatic pistol that offers two types of firing modes. The first firing mode offers a very high critical chance, while the second firing mode makes it a burst fire mode, which shoots the entire rounds in a magazine.

This is very effective against crowds of enemies. It is also recommended to get critical chance and damage mods in the Pandero as it offers an exceptional critical damage multiplier.

Some players also mix it with some status mods, as the Pandero features a 15 percent status chance, which is a decent percentage for a secondary weapon. It also offers a fast reload speed, making it a very convenient pistol.