Blizzard Entertainment has a lot of ways for bringing the “Overwatch” lore to fans. Aside from the game’s animated shorts, the developer is also making comics for certain heroes. The hero that was featured in the previous comic was Roadhog, and the comic story was about Roadhog’s hometown called “Junkertown.” According to a report from GameSpot, Blizzard Entertainment is set to release a new “Overwatch” comic, featuring the Russian hero Zarya. Zarya is on a mission to find and eliminate the Talon hacker Sombra.

Short synopsis

The 15th “Overwatch” comic is entitled “Searching,” and it is scripted by Joelle Sellner and Andrew Robinson.

It also features the coloring and designs of Kate Niemczyk. The upcoming comic is a direct sequel to the Sombra animated short, entitled “Infiltration.” Blizzard Entertainment released a short synopsis for the upcoming comic “Searching.” According to Blizzard, Katya Volskaya sends Aleksandra Zaryanova, or “Zarya,” to kill the hacker Sombra, but Zarya’s mission is not easy, and she will have to team up with an omnic hacker unwillingly to find her target. After Zarya’s mission, she will realize that not all omnics are evil.

‘Overwatch’ PTR update

In other "Overwatch" news, Blizzard Entertainment recently updated the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. The latest patch brought some minor tweaks and improvements including refinements to the Assault play-mode user interface.

According to a report from PCGamesN, the most notable change in the recent update is on the hero’s ultimate abilities. Players should be more careful when using an ultimate ability because its charge can be depleted very quickly.

Ultimate ability charge

In the current version of “Overwatch,” when a player dies unexpectedly while using the ultimate ability without fully utilizing it, a few charges will be left when the player respawns.

This is an important feature to heroes like Mei and Bastion, because their ultimate abilities have longer time activation than other heroes. But under the new rules implemented recently on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm, the ultimate ability charge will be drained to zero after the player fails to apply it before death.

It means that players should deploy their ultimate abilities before dying so that they would not go to waste.

The new feature is not going to be a huge issue for other “Overwatch” heroes like Hanzo, who can cast his ultimate abilities quickly. But for Reaper, Mei, and Bastion the update is going to be a huge problem.

Some updates on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm are not entirely bad. In fact, some tweaks and improvements are worth looking forward to in the official game. For example, the Assault play-mode flow of battle will be much easier to read, because the number of both defenders and attackers on target will be shown. The new progress bar of the game will also be separated into three sections. Each section will show a progressive audio-visual cue when completed.