Microsoft is reportedly unable to schedule the pre ordering of the Xbox One X due to FCC issues in the United States. According to the Daily Mail, the company could have launched the Pre Order several weeks ago if not for the registration issues of the console. During the E3 2017 event, the new console was introduced alongside its price and release date. Following that should have been the schedule of pre ordering online, which unfortunately the company failed to announce until today.

This news contradicted what Xbox head Phil Spencer said in July where he indicated the pre ordering of the units would not be far away as all the needed approvals were already done.

With the gaming console set to be released this coming November, the only upcoming event that could possibly reveal new details is the Gamescom 2017 in Germany. The Gamescom event will run from August 22 - 26, 2017, in Cologne, Germany. However, the event will be open for everybody beginning August 23 - 2017.

Comments, reviews, and PS4 Pro comparison

Meanwhile, the Xbox One X is receiving quite negative reviews after the price of the console was revealed. For the price of $499, fans can acquire the console with no bundled game. Unfortunately for the players, this is quite a steep price compared to the Xbox One S and the recently released Ps4 Pro console. Apparently, the price of the new console is enough to buy both the Xbox One and the PS4 consoles.

Of course, Microsoft is confident they will be able to sell the console for their asking price because they are capitalizing on its newly updated power. "Project Cars" of Slightly Mad Studios is one of the launch titles for the Xbox One console and director Stephen Viljoen said, "the power of the new hardware will perfectly fit the game.

The Xbox One X is a great piece of hardware and we’re very excited for it and we’re making the most of it, so when you run the game on it, it will certainly look better than if you’re running it on anything else, other than a high-end PC."

Xbox One X's specs, price, and release date

The Xbox One X's basic specifications include an Octa-core 2.3GHz x86 CPU while its GPU is set at 40 x customized units clocked at 1,172MHz.

It also runs on 12GB GDDR5 RAM and a massive 1TB hard drive. The Blu-Ray drive features the 4K UHD Blu-ray. The 6 teraflop power of the new console is way ahead of Sony's PS4 Pro, which clocks in at 4.2 teraflops only.

The new Microsoft platform is scheduled for release In the U.S. and UK on November 7, 2017, for the price of $499. Additionally, the platform's other launch titles include "Assassin's Creed Origins," "Crackdown 3, "Dishonored 2," "Fallout 4, "Forza Horizon 3," and much more.