OverwatchHero Doomfist has finally found his place in the game’s roster and is now available to play in the competitive mode. However, many players, especially Support mains, are having a hard time in dealing with this one-punch hero. For those unaware, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch can literally obliterate squishy heroes like Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, and Zenyatta with one punch if they connect to the wall. Luckily, this Offense hero has his fair share of counters which make it a bit easier to deal with him. With that being said, here are the Top 3 “Overwatch” heroes that can counter Doomfist.


While this Mexican hacker has been under a lot of fire since her release last year, Sombra’s beginning to show her true potential following the release of Doomfist and Orisa. Her alternate fire, Hack, is great since it can silence enemies and prevent them from using their skills. Doomfist is notorious for having to rely heavily on his skills in the battlefield since his primary fire only has four shots and reloads automatically. Moreover, he’s also a very big target which makes it easier for Sombra to land a hack on him. Once silenced, you can watch him struggle around a bit before being killed by your allies.


Doomfist’s arsenal mainly relies on ground-based skills with the exception of his Rising Uppercut.

Even then, he doesn’t launch that high into the air and still cannot reach those who can jump higher than him. Pharah’s a great example of this as she can maintain her aerial superiority among other heroes and can’t be hit by the Rocket Punch if she’s high in the air. She can bombard the Talon operative with rockets while he has very little abilities to bring her down from the sky.

That said, a great Pharah main can easily wipe out a Doomfist on the enemy team.


Unlike the other two mentioned heroes, Orisa is a special case when it comes to Doomfist. Back when she was released, it was revealed that Efi witnessed the destruction of the OR-15 robots and decided to make her own protector that could counter Doomfist.

With that in mind, all of her abilities are made to defeat the Offense hero. Her Fortify ability can nullify his Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam abilities while she can stop him from escaping with her Halt! Skill. If you have this Tank omnic on your team, she could easily survive a 1v1 fight with Doomfist as his skills will have very little effect while Orisa can shred him with her primary fire.