Naughty Dog has created another great masterpiece called “The Last of Us” that tells the story of two people trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world. This game was launched first on the PlayStation 3 and was later relaunched on the PlayStation 4 with upgraded graphics. Here is my honest review on one of the best games out there.

An emotional story that will pull your heart strings

The game starts with a very emotional scene, which raises the interest of the players right away with great voice acting. They are then thrust into a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors are trying to fend for their own and try to find something valuable among the wastes.

This game has a unique way of telling its story of the zombie apocalypse, which does not make it a clone of other zombie games out there right now.

While the game is linear in terms of gameplay, it is set in such a way that players get to enjoy every part of the game and be emotionally invested in every chapter. The journey is full of drama, action, thrill, suspense, joy, but overall, a great joyride full of emotions and memorable scenes. Players who love books and stories would definitely fall in love with this game right away without a doubt.

Superb graphics for PS3 game

When this game was launched on PlayStation 3, players all over the world fell in love right away with its great graphics, which were almost realistic and it was animated perfectly.

Naughty Dog, the game developers, really poured in all of their love into this game and made sure that everyone would enjoy it. The environments are great as well with the almost realistic look of a post-apocalyptic world.

The facial animations also sync well with the voice acting, making it one of the best games out there that fully use the technology for such designs.

The 3D models are not janky as well and it really looks like a human being. The monsters, while unrealistic, give that realistic feel of what will happen to humans if they get infected with such.

With the Remastered version, it has improved further and also used the power of the PlayStation 4. The lighting is now better, the FPS or the frames per second is now improved, loading times are now shorter, and many other features.

Environmental sound makes the game challenging and immersive

Players will have to tackle different kinds of enemies in “The Last of Us” and one of the methods to avoid or detect them is through hearing their sounds. This feature makes the game more immersive for them and they can use it to make some strategies for taking down enemies without alerting others. The surround sound effect makes it way better too, making players look around in the real world as if the sounds are coming from their sides or behind them.

The music is well done and placed as well, improving the mood of a scene and making them feel the emotions that the characters are displaying. It intensifies and makes them fully invested with the story with the support of the game’s great music.

The voice acting is really well done as well that players could feel the character’s emotions and what they want to convey to the players. Things like these make the game more immersive than ever and that is one of the factors why this game has been given a lot of awards.

Most immersive gameplay with tons of features

This video game has one of the best immersive gameplay a player could want whether they want to go all out or just go stealth. Each of the features has a role to play and its small flaws make it more challenging for players and enjoyable. The limitation of weapons to use and the danger of getting killed by just one hit is one of its best and challenging features and it makes them think of other strategies in order to approach the situation.

The tag team feature is great as well and the AI is not that awful compared to other video games in the past. While there are some small problems here and there like the companions being exposed to the enemy, but they do not react, it is an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

The latest feature, the screenshot menu, is also a great addition in the remastered version of the video game. It improves it further and lets players create awesome images that can be shared on the internet. This also makes a person expand his or her imagination to create that special image.

Great replayability value with multiplayer feature

The Last of Us” has a big replayability value due to its amazing gameplay, challenging stages, and improved difficulties.

Players can also opt for the multiplayer feature, where they can fight against other players online and get to outsmart them in any way they can. They can also revisit the other scenes if they want and play the game again if they want.

Overall, “The Last of Us” offers a lot of awesome gameplay, superb graphic design, impressive music, the best voice acting, and most of all, one hell of a story. I give this awesome game a score of 9 out of 10 points.

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