To date, there is no word on what Bethesda Softworks has in mind for "The Elder Scrolls 6." Nothing has been set in stone, with most players speculating on what to expect. One thing about the game that stands out is how quests are handled. Similar to other games, quests normally put gamers to the test as they test their wits in terms of fulfilling prerequisites. Would a change in that be possible?

A risky change by Bethesda

The goal of Bethesda, if ever "The Elder Scrolls 6" does come out, is to keep gamers glued. That means having players play long hours, both online and offline.

Game goals are likely to be the key, and quests as well. With game quests looming as the challenge for players, the issue of having most spend long hours is fulfilled. Some may decry that practice results from the fact that they want to get to the ending as swiftly as possible. Once that happens, the game loses its luster, with most ending up looking for other games, including a next installment.

With that in mind, it may be best for Bethesda to stick to the traditional quests to keep players thinking. It may not sit well with most, though some end up going on adventures anyway. There are skills and tasks players would need to master, something that may take time. Aside from that, there are certain tasks needed to get into guilds, something that would keep players busy.

So altering the script may not make sense, especially if Bethesda wants an amply-played game carrying on from its prequels.

Current games carrying over

With no official release date for "The Elder Scrolls 6," the best players can do for now is to take on what “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” has to offer. Added content and other improvements have come out, a recourse believed to be buying Bethesda some time.

The reality of it all is that some of these patches may carry on to the sixth installment. Most would be the add-ons not included in the base game purchased, teasers which could prep players once Bethesda is ready to roll out “The Elder Scrolls 6.”

Curiously, there are reports of a “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” game possibly coming.

It was spotted by NeoGAF and is still up over at Target. The game curiously cropped up as the TV series wrapped its seventh season, so the spotting has made quite a big fuss.

Also behind the “Fallout’ series, the sudden influx of “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” has thrown gamers into disarray. There was a “Game of Thrones” video game released in 2014, but under Telltale Games. Could it be another game title to buy Bethesda Softworks some time for “The Elder Scrolls 6”?