Rockstar Games made it clear that they would not tolerate ill-gotten game currency caused by unscrupulous events for "Grand Theft Auto Online." While they claim to use various measures, the method of doing so has now come under fire. A look at the GTA Forums shows a lot of disgruntled players complaining about why their accounts now show new currency balances. Most claim that they have not indulged in illegal ways of amassing game money. According to Game Spot, a poll showed that 47 percent of gamers had money removed despite playing fair.

Was it a glitch?

Currency balances for "GTA Online" are adjusted once players are found guilty of using mods or manipulating game funds and RP. Rockstar updated their Knowledge Base to remind players of such though most are now hitting the company on their procedure of singling out the cheaters from the ones playing fair.

There is no mention on how Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive weeds out the erring players. It could be through a script where some things could go haywire. The point here is that Rockstar and Take-Two cannot fast-track in terms of pinpointing cheaters and preventing fair-playing GTA gamers of from experiencing inconveniences. As things stand right now, it seems that the changes have been more general without the proper flags in terms of correcting in-game currency.

The use of mods

There are plenty of mods gamers may end up turning to. Some may not be associated with racking in ill-gotten wealth, focusing on RP alone. The thing here is that mod use, regardless of if it was meant to reel in more money or not, is illegal. In short, game mods come with risks so it may be possible that Rockstar ended up generalizing and affecting some accounts.

The use of game mods has been appalling, with Rockstar and Take-Two obviously against it. This is regardless of whether or not they are used without malice since it goes against the terms and conditions of the game. For those remaining GTA players who have not dared use one, it may be best to stay away to avoid complications.

What about the innocent players?

There is no telling who among the "GTA Online" players truly played fair. Claims are good so this is expected to be another long process. If it turns out that game developers made an error in weeding out the cheaters, Rockstar and Take-Two have a huge problem on their hands.

The only thing "GTA Online" gamers can do right now is file their complaints. It is an ugly scene that has happened before. The bright side is that Rockstar has corrected the problem before when they were at fault.