The latest announcement from Ubisoft could be a hint that the highly anticipated “South Park the Fractured But Whole” is finally releasing. The game developers revealed the PC required and recommended specs. Fans are hoping that the sequel to the fan-favorite RPG will be released in the later part of this year.

Latest announcement

Ubisoft announced today the type of hardware the players’ need in order to play their second game installment, “South Park The Fractured But Whole” on PC. The game’s release has been long overdue and the latest news revives the lost hope among fans that the game could be released this year.

The system requirements for the game are not really demanding. Interestingly, the specs required are just above the requirements from the game’s previous installment, The Stick of Truth. The first game just required 2 GB of RAM and Windows XP for the operating system of the PC.

PC requirements

The upcoming Role playing title from Ubisoft requires at least an i5 or 2400 or FX 4320, GTX 560Ti or HD 7850. The RAM required is only 6 GB. However, this is just the baseline needed to run the game at 60 FPS at 720 p resolution. This is a low video preset and with no V-sync. This might not please players who prefer to play their games on high-resolution monitors.

For those who would like to play the game on its optimum, Ubisoft requires an i5-4690K or FX-8350, GTX 670 or R9 280X.

A bigger RAM is also needed for the recommended setting, which is 8GB. This specification could let the game run at 080p and 60 FPS with high presets. For the operating system, the PC needs to have the 64-bits version of Windows 7, or Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

As early as 2015, the sequel was already announced and was slated to release in 2016.

However, Ubisoft postponed the release of the game in order to achieve the best gaming experience it could give to the players. The game is now scheduled to release on October 17 and fans are hoping that there will be no more delays. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

South Park the Fractured But Whole” is the sequel to the highly successful title, The Stick of Truth. The second game installment will be imitating several Marvel movies.

Previously, it was reported that the game will take on “Captain America: Civil War.” In this parody, the kids are scattered into competing armies battling on who has the better idea of the superhero series that they are going to produce. Aside from those, the sequel will now allow players to play as a girl.