Pokemon Go” players have recently reported a new variety of Zapdos that appears to be that of a Shiny Legendary. Zapdos was released in the augmented reality game recently and interestingly there are players who found that it has a Shiny variety. However, Niantic Labs has not indicated yet if they have launched this variant in the augmented reality game, which could just mean it was added by mistake.

Shiny Legendary

In the past, there were reports claiming to have found a Shiny Legendary variant in the game through datamining. Niantic Labs has remained mum about this information and since then players have been waiting to see if the previous reports were true.

The latest news about players having spotted Shiny Legendary Zapdos in the game revived hope among fans that the previous reports are true.

Shinies are ultra-rare variants of the regular pocket monsters with a more attractive look and intense color scheme. While other monsters are nearly identical to their regular appearance, there are pocket monsters, however that have different Shiny variations. For instance, the creature Gyarados has a red color instead of blue. Zapdos falls in the category of monsters having intensified colors in its Shiny variation. It appears as nearly identical to its regular form but its beak and legs in this ultra-rare form have an orange color. It also has darker colored thighs.

What variant is Zapdos now?

Despite Zapdos appearing to look like a Shiny Legendary now, it is actually not. Usually, when players capture a Shiny variant, it will be indicated on the device. In addition, there is a shiny sparkle that surfaces when a Shiny variant is caught. Moreover, in the game’s Pokedex, an icon referring to this variety of creature will also appear, like the one seen during the release of Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados.

It appears that Niantic Labs has accidentally interchanged the regular model to a Shiny Legendary. It may have mixed it up and used a different texture in the pocket monster. So, the creature that players see right now is the regular Legendary type Zapdos without the special shiny characteristics. Therefore, for those who are busy catching these monsters catch as many as you can. Soon the game developer will put the right color palette when they realize the error.

Zapdos guide

Meanwhile, Zapdos is both a Flying and Electric type of pocket monster with no dual weakness.