"Overwatch" is due for a few big changes in preparation for season six, which starts at the end of this month. Blizzard released a long update video explaining what is in store for players after season five ends on August 28th.

The most noticeable change is that seasons will now be two months long instead of three. Developers explained how they've noticed that players tend to try considerably more in the first month of each season. Due to this, and the fact that during the beta they received feedback that one month is too short, "Overwatch" will feature two month seasons.

Obviously, this is subject to change, as Blizzard is open to feedback.

Skill rating decay to be tweaked

Blizzard received feedback that players believe that skill rating decay is unfair. This happens when players do not take part in seven competitive matches per week so that they would receive a 50 skill point reduction. This has been updated, players not only need to take part in five matches and 25 points will be reduced if that requirement is not met.

Players should also start to place closer to their skill rating level, as before someone who might have placed in diamond in the previous season would find themselves a rating or two lower in the next season. The idea was to allow for a sense of progression each season.

Still, most "Overwatch" players felt this was unfair, so season six should see a more accurate starting placement.

"Overwatch" will also change the way control maps work. Currently, they are a best out of five, but Blizzard commented that they noticed how most of these matches are going into overtime and lasting too long. Instead, starting from season six, this mode will be a best out of three.

Matchmaking is changing

One of the issues with "Overwatch" is higher level players can, sometimes, struggle to find matches due to their being fewer players of that level. Blizzard decided it is better to allow these players to wait a bit more, to allow for them to take part in even matches instead of being thrown into a contest where they completely overwhelm their opponent.

The update video ended with a disclaimer that competitive mode is not something that can stagnate, as the company is always receiving feedback to try and improve the experience for everyone. Each season tends to see a handful of changes, with season six receiving some of the biggest updates so far. All in all, they do seem for the better, but we will have to wait and see.

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