A player in Saskatoon, Canada has captured a Shiny Pikachu. This means that the ultra-rare variant of the iconic pocket monster is now available outside Japan. This is great news for “Pokemon Go” players who have patiently waited for the worldwide release of the unique variant.

Shiny variant

A few days ago, several players in Japan have shared online several screenshots of Shiny Pikachu captured during the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. There were some players, however, after having captured the variant were disappointed to discover that it was the shape-shifting Ditto trolling them. Whatever the case, the event was a success if glitches and issues are not to be included.

As the Pikachu Outbreak comes to an end in Yokohama, Japan, a player in Canada shared his captured Shiny Pikachu. This means that the ultra-rare variant is now released across the globe and all players now have the chance to catch the variant. The sighting of the ultra-rare variant in the wild is also an indication that Shiny Pichu and Raichu are also available now in “Pokemon Go.” While there is no in-game edge that players can have if they capture this variant, this factor will never stop them from obtaining one as part of their collection.

How to tell a Shiny

This variant of pocket monsters appears like the regular creature. However, there are several color alterations to the shinies in the augmented reality game.

In this variant, the monsters have a deeper color hue than its regular kind. Some appear to be shining or glimmering from afar, thus the name. Aside from that, players can also tell if they have captured a shiny variant because they will see a sparkling animation surrounding the monster in their app.

Stadium event

Meanwhile, the Yokohama Stadium event in Japan has already started on August 14.

The day was previously anticipated to be the same date when Legendary Bird Ho-Oh releases in the game. However, fans were wrong in their predictions. Surprisingly, instead of Ho-Oh, niantic labs launched another Legendary monsterMewtwo.

One of the most-wanted Legendaries in the game, Mewtwo will only be captured through an Exclusive Raid Battle.

This new raid introduced by the game developer in the game will only allow those players who received an invitation to participate in Mewtwo raid.

Aside from Mewtwo, Niantic Labs is also bringing back Legendary Birds Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. The legendaries will be available in “Pokemon Go” until the last day of August 2017.