The playstation vr is officially launching superhero virtual reality simulator Megaton Rainfall this September after several years in the making, MMOSITE reported.

It has been a good year for PlayStation VR especially that Megaton Rainfall is coming out this September. Fans of virtual reality gaming are excited about the upcoming release.

The website stated that Megaton Rainfall took several years before finally coming to this phase. Its developer Alfonso del Cerro worked hard on developing the game, ensuring players of the best quality. He reportedly aimed at delivering a sense of immersive experience, power, and motion.

According to MMOSITE, del Cerro met with a team of other artists and received Sony’s support to complete the game, along with the gameplay, graphics, and music. Artist David Garcia scored the music.

The superhero virtual reality game features the player taking the role of a powerful hero who has a mission to save the planet from being invaded by aliens. Gaming website MMOSITE said that the game involves hitting targets accurately. Missing targets might end the game, with the virtual damage that the players must face.

Virtual reality cities

The game is set in futuristic cities that are even made more realistic with PlayStation VR. According to the gaming website, the game console will project cities 200 square miles in dimension and supersonic flights.

Cities will reportedly have health bars that change with each offensive attack, when targets are missed or when players accidentally destroy a building.

Game developers told Geeky Gadgets that it also takes players virtually to the bottom of the sea, the stratosphere, across the Sun’s surface and on the moon. These are the locations of the battles in the game, the website added.

Available also on PS4

Del Cerro further noted that Megaton Rainfall has characters that fly at supersonic speeds around the virtual battlefields.

“Megaton Rainfall is among the games that allow players to control a strong superhero who can fly at supersonic speeds around the planet that face a threat from global aliens, and thus must prevent the destruction of the cities one after the other,” the developer told Geeky Gadgets.

The report said the game would also debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro will feature the game in an improved 4K mode, rendering at 60fps. There will also be an increased super sampling rate when played using the virtual reality game console, the article added.