Hello Games' procedurally generated universe of "No Man's Sky" has just turned one and what better way to celebrate such milestone than to prep up a new update for the game. It is said that it will zero in on the title's main storyline including the reduction of travel time.

Patch 1.3 aka Atlas Rises

Game Director Sean Murray posted a newsletter on "No Man's Sky's" website announcing the upcoming game tweak. Per the announcement, Murray stated that update 1.3 dubbed as "Atlas Rises" would emphasize on the game's main storyline including the introduction of portals into the game allowing its player base to travel great distances in a short amount of time.

Murray also took the opportunity to thank the "No Man's Sky" fandom for staying and believing in the game albeit the numerous debacles that they've encountered along the way. Moreover, he also made a shout out to the fans who signed up for the Citizen Science Division as he teased that such is only the beginning.

The game director did not disclose a specific date as to when will update 1.3 would go live. However, he made an assurance that they will be shelling out patch notes for the inbound "No Man's Sky" game tweak prior to its release date. Furthermore, "Atlas Rises" will be made available to both PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

It's about time

For the uninitiated, "No Man's Sky's" first ever tweak - the "Foundation Update" - ushered in frigates and allowing players to build their very own base.

It was then followed by "Path Finder" that came out in March of this year and introduced some nifty land vehicles know as the Nomad, Roamer, and the Colossus which is the largest among the three not to mention its impressive cargo hold. Alongside the said update include improved base building, HDR and 4K resolution support for PlayStation 4 and even a game mode known as Permadeath that wipes out all of the player's progress once their character dies.

"No Man's Sky" fans might recall some notable humps that the game have had come across right before it even came out. There were reports back then of a player who allegedly purchased a leaked copy of the game on eBay and posted gameplay videos of it. However, it was discovered that the game might well seem to be unstable that time as numerous glitches were encountered during gameplay including claims that other gamers have reached the center of the game as opposed to the title's premise. Check out a video about the game here: