Blizzard Entertainment introduced the Summer Games event in “Overwatch” last year during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. As the event was quite popular, it featured skins within the first-person shooter as well as Olympic-inspired events. Nonetheless, the video game company is bringing back the event this month, exclusively for the players of the multiplayer online first-person shooter video game.

According to Dot Esports, the 2017 “Overwatch” Summer Games event will commence on August 8. As the event runs throughout the entire month, it will end on August 29.

The Summer Games 2017 event will come along with a new Lucioball map, and the skins for some of the characters from last year’s event will return. However, Blizzard Entertainment will also launch some brand new skins for the upcoming event.

Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan, made it known that after taking feedback from the gaming community, the video game company decided to make the Summer Games skins unlock by means of the credit system. Wherein, the credit system could unlock both the new skins from 2017 event as well as the old skins from 2016 event.

The company’s press release indicated that skin unlocked from 2016 will be cheaper than the 2017 skins. The 2017 Legendary skins will cost 3,000 credits, while the 2016 Legendary skins will only cost 1,000 credits.

Game’s new patch

Meanwhile, as the Public Test Realm (PTR) of “Overwatch” might have a 4.18GB, Blizzard recently rolled out a patch across all platforms, and the patch mostly fixes by volume. PVP Live reported that in General, the patch fixed the bug that prevented the party leader’s entry in the Training Menu and the crashes the players experienced when attempting to buy loot boxes.

For the Heroes, the patch fixes several bugs that cause the skins of Doomfist to render incorrectly, and the patch also fixed the occasional prevention of Reinhardt’s Charge from knocking back enemies.

Roadhog’s nerf

In other “Overwatch” news, the game’s Enforcer, Roadhog, got nerfed. The studio reduced the bullet damage of the character by 33 percent, which took away the key element of the character’s kit, and his ability to one-shot most heroes.

In spite of that, Kotaku reported that “Overwatch” players have been pleading with the video game company to save Roadhog, whose win rates have declined since the nerf. Some players have suggested new abilities for Roadhog, but most gamers just want to see the character reverted to the way he was before.